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Orcades Marine Asia

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Orcades Marine Asia is a company set up in Singapore with the primary goal of bringing expertise in Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) to the South-East Asia region.

The Singapore office is underpinned by the established UK company Orcades Marine Management Consultants, and builds on the extensive operational and management experience of its founding members in the Marine Renewable Energy sectors and in Ports & Shipping.

Our Services

Our consultants can provide individualised solutions to wave and tidal technology projects, that are both rapidly changing and complex.

orcades marine services

Our global marine consultancy teams regularly assist with major port projects in the Mediterannean, Asia and Africa.

shipping container

From ship surveys and inspections to towage and ISM auditing, ISPS auditing and MLC 2006 Compliance – we help businesses in the shipping industry get things done faster, safer and cheaper.

Our team has been providing services to the offshore oil and gas industry, bringing experience honed in the north sea and caspian sea to bear around the world.
our team

We are a highly experienced team of global marine consultants, with decades of combined experience providing innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions to the marine industry.


Capt. David Thomson
Managing Director
Alex Ng Ding Feng
Dr Gareth Davies

Find out how we combine the latest technology with an innovative and bespoke approach, to produce safer and more cost effective solutions. Contact us to get more information and how we can work with you. 

The marine industry is being constantly transformed by the innovation of new technology and equipment that makes our projects better, cleaner and more cost effective. Here at Orcades Marine, we’re proud to be helping deliver this new era of technology via our inventive and bespoke approach to all kinds of marine projects.